Flexible Partial Dentures in Las Vegas, NV

Preserving our natural teeth is always the best, but if you lose them due to tooth decay, gum infections, or trauma, there are options to help reinstate the oral functions and aesthetics of your smile. If you choose dentures instead of dental implants, various replacement options are available. The Dentist in Las Vegas, NV, offers state-of-the-art, customized flexible dentures at our Dream Dental Clinic in Las Vegas.

What Are Flexible Partial Dentures?

Flexible dentures comprise a transparent, soft nylon base that will not trigger allergies. These dentures are planned to look and function like natural teeth and can replace missing teeth in a row that may have been lost due to an injury, accident, or gum disease. Flexible partial dentures can be removed at any time and are sometimes used only for short durations before dental implant surgery.

What Are Flexible Partial Dentures Made of?

Flexible partial dentures are composed of thermoplastic materials such as nylon, which are far more flexible than traditional porcelain, resin, and chrome cobalt metal materials. The elasticity of the flexible partial dentures allows for a comfortable fit. They are also much more cosmetically pleasing as they do not have the unpleasant metal clasps generally found on traditional partial dentures. Thermoplastic materials can be heated and molded into flexible denture bases and customized according to individual needs and preferences. The nylon materials used in flexible partial dentures also look natural and realistic and can successfully help dentures stay in position without causing discomfort.

What Are the Benefits of Flexible Dentures?

There are several advantages to using flexible partial dentures, including durability, a custom fit, and comfort. They are a widely preferred option and are known to improve your quality of life. Flexible dentures allow for easy functioning of the mouth. They are also an appropriate solution for patients looking for less invasive treatments.

Flexible partials also look much more natural than traditional dentures and conceal receded gums to enhance the appearance of the gumline. These dentures can be fabricated relatively quickly as compared to other tooth replacement options. As a result, this treatment option appeals to patients who need temporary teeth before getting dental implants.

How Long Do Flexible Partial Dentures Last?

Flexible partial dentures can last for several years with proper care. They often last longer than traditional dentures due to the flexible materials used. Moreover, flexible partial dentures are less prone to breakage. They should be cleaned daily and soaked overnight in a denture cleanser to prevent bacterial deposits.

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