5 DRINKS that Can Negatively Affect Your Teeth

Dr. Ilya Benjamin

Drinking some beverages can cause a lot of damage to your oral health. So, if you want to keep your teeth healthy, you might want to avoid the drinks that can negatively affect your oral health. Below is a of list of 5 drinks which can negatively affect for your teeth.

1) Alcoholic Drinks

Drinking a glass of white wine from time to time will not affect your dental health significantly. However, high alcohol consumption will undoubtedly lead to dental problems. It is important to know that most alcoholic beverages are high in sugar that has numerous negative effects on your dental health. Alcoholic drinks destroy tooth enamel and cause heavy stains. 

2) Citrus Juice

Drinking citrus juice is generally seen as beneficial for your overall health. However, it is one of drinks that should be definitely not be consumed in excessive quantities. The fact is that the high acid content in orange and grapefruit juices can damage your tooth enamel permanently. As well, the high acidic content can overtime lead to damage to your dental implants or all on four dental implants.

3) Coffee

Is it hard for you to imagine a morning without coffee? Coffee lovers need to know that this drink (coffee) should be avoided for the betterment of oral health. There is the evidence that coffee leads to the yellowing of teeth. Drinking too much coffee also increases the risk of cavities. It is also worth remembering that sugar causes tooth decay. So, if you drink coffee with heightened sugar content levels, these negative effects are only amplified further. Due to its numerous negative effects, coffee is considered to be one of the worst beverages for your teeth, inclusive of any dental implants or all on four dental implants.

4) Soda

Carbonated water with a high amount of added sugar, acidic content, chemicals, artificial colors and flavors. Who’d have thought we’d love that so much? Of course, this one is no secret. Due to soda being a drink that contains high amounts of acids and sugar, drinking too much puts you at risk of many dental issues, inclusive of stains and cavities. Keep in mind that if you drink soda regularly protective enamel of your teeth will soften over the time. There is no doubt soda is a drink that should be avoided, in this case, not only for the betterment of your oral health, but your overall well-being as a whole.  

5) Sport Drinks

We had briefly touched on this in our past blog, 5 Foods to Avoid that Can Negatively Affect Your Teeth. Sport drinks are extremely popular among individuals leading an active lifestyle. Oftentimes, athletes drink sport drinks after intensive workouts. However, drinking too much sport drinks can end up with teeth problems. Attention is never drawn to this aspect but a lot of sport drinks contain high amount of acid. So, like soda sport drinks can damage tooth enamel. Do not assume because it’s target audience is active individuals who are most likely proactively leading a healthy lifestyle, that the beverage/ product marketed to them is automatically “healthy” by association! Check the nutrition label and see the sugar content levels for yourself!

Drinking each of these drinks has a negative impact on your dental health. However, this doesn’t mean that you should never drink these beverages. If you enjoy any of the drinks mentioned above, more power to you! However, moderation is key to reducing the negative impact they can have to your teeth, dental implants, or your all on four dental implants. In addition, maintaining good oral hygiene will help you keep your teeth healthy. 

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