Common Questions Patients Ask about All on 4 Implants

Common Questions Patients Ask about All on 4 Implants

For many individuals, all on four implants (abbreviated as AO4) remain to be quite an unknown dental procedure. So, after people hear about all on 4 on the radio or see the advertisement on the television they usually have a lot of questions about this dental procedure. In this blog, we have decided to provide the answers to some all on 4 frequently asked questions.

1) What are the Differences Between All on 4 and Traditional Dental Implants?

All on four dental implants have a lot of important advantages over traditional dental implants. It is worth noting that only four implants in each arch (top and bottom of the mouth) are utilized when all on four dental implant technique is used. However, traditional dental implants involve utilizing up to 6-8 implants in each arch. That’s why all on 4 dental implants are more comfortable for patients over traditional dental implants.  

It’s important to know that AO4 implants are installed at an angle, so the natural support from the bones is provided. Another big advantage of the all on four process is that it allows dental care professionals to avoid bone grafting in most of their patients. However, bone grafting is always required in the traditional dental implant procedure.          

2) Who is the Right Candidate for All on Four Dental Procedure?

Individuals, who have more than one missing tooth as well as periodically failing teeth, are the ideal candidates for the all on 4. People who are searching for a good alternative to dentures or partial wearers can also take advantage of all on four dental implants.

It is worth noting that the AO4 dental procedure has no age restrictions. It can be considered a potential option for patients of all ages. However, those individuals who want to take advantage of all on four dental implants have to be in good health to minimize the risk/ side effects involved.

3) Does All on Four Procedure Always Provide Effective Results?

Statistical data shows that the all on four procedure has a 98% success rate. That means that if all on four dental implants are installed appropriately, the effects are almost guaranteed to be permanent. All on four dental implants also have a natural look. Thus, for the most part, no one will even know that you have dental implants on at all!

4) How Long Does It Take a Dental Care Professional to Place All on 4 Implants?

It takes a dentist up to 3 hours to place all on 4 dental implants. So, individuals who have missing teeth can take advantage of all of four dental implants to get new teeth in one day.

5) Does All on 4 Procedure Have Any Additional Costs?

All on four is not too expensive of a dental procedure in comparison to some other options out there. Prior to undergoing the all on four dental procedure, a patient will consult and gain the expert opinion of a dentist. The goal of the initial consultation is to discuss the details of the procedure. The dental care professional analyzes patient’s dental needs carefully and provides the exact cost estimate. So, you will know exactly how much you will need to pay for getting new teeth in one day.

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