Dental Impants are a nightmare no more, thanks to Cone Beam Technology!

Dental Impants are a nightmare no more, thanks to Cone Beam Technology!

We say this often, but it’s no less true now then the first time we said it; individuals with issues with their teeth (deformities, yellow teeth etc) hesitate to smile openly due to their lower confidence in their smiles. A smile in itself is a beautiful gesture, yet sometimes the look of an individual’s teeth will discourage them to actively partake in the said gesture. Thankfully, with procedural advancements and available modern technology, we’ve got the means to address any and all dental issue a person may have.

Gone are the days when dental procedures were extremely risky and difficult to do. Now-a-days, even dental implants have become very easy, albeit still a critical process with risks, but for the most part, not a life threatening process. The advancement in technologies and refinements in the procedures have ensured that the safety of individuals is valued above all else. So if you’ve ever been afraid of the dentist before, that fear may now be ill-placed thanks to modern tech.

“Cone Beam Computed Tomography” abbreviated as “CBCT” for short, is one of such advancement which has decreased the risk involved in complex dental procedures. Essentially, it’s a special x-ray equipment, one that is stronger than normal facial and/or dental x-rays. It can produce vivid 3D images of the teeth, nerve pathways, bone and soft tissues. Not only that, CBCT will produce all of those with a single scan! No need for multiple scans or visits which, of course, means a lowered overall cost. CBCT provides accurate images in the blink of an eye. Hence, it not only saves the time but identifies and erases the involved risks as well. The best part? It requires no specific preparation. At My Dream Dental, our machine used for CBCT is the Newtom VG. To find a provider near you offering CBCT services for professionals and patients alike, check out ScanOnDemand, a website specializing in helping you do just that!

Though advanced technologies such as CBCT machines (such as the Newtom VGi at MDD) are readily available today to make the jobs of dentist easier, having the equipment is one thing, but knowing how to properly operate it another thing altogether. The certified Healthcare professionals at My Dream Dental have decades of experience in the field and are proactive in remaining ahead of the curve by implementing the latest and greatest technology. So if you’re in need of a dentist in Henderson, Nevada, always choose My Dream Dental. The staff is friendly, very well trained and above all else, truly professional!


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