Do Your Teeth and Smile Send the Right Message?

Do Your Teeth and Smile Send the Right Message?

First impressions mean a lot, so it’s important to understand what your teeth and smile are saying to others. The following infographic from Carrington College provides an interesting look at what your smile says about you, as well as some helpful insights about other dental details.

Avoiding the Stains
While there are plenty of teeth whitening options these days, one way to get those brilliant pearly whites is to avoid foods and beverages that stain them in the first place. Having bright white teeth can add as much as 20 percent appeal to your overall appearance, and can even make you appear five years younger.
Some tips for increasing the brilliance of your smile include:
· Brush your teeth 30 minutes to an hour after eating to avoid wear from acidic foods
· Avoid coffee, wine, tea and cola, or use a straw
· Rinse your mouth out after these liquids, and after eating candy or berries

The Tricks of the Horse Trader
Just as buyers of horses check the choppers, your teeth can help determine your age, gender and even some of your personality traits. For example, younger teeth are normally rectangular with rounded corners and range from 10 mm to 12 mm in length. If the teeth are squared and shorter, that usually means they belong to an older individual, as teeth lose as much as 1 mm to 5 mm in length as you age.
Males will generally have longer teeth, with the central incisors about the same length as the other teeth and more square. On the other hand, women’s teeth will usually be shorter than their central incisors and rounded, presenting a “gull wing” appearance.

Invest in Dental Health 
Taking care of teeth is no small task. As a group, patients spend nearly 220 million hours a year in the dental chair, with children getting 51 million hours in dental care and attention. As you might expect, quality care comes at a price.
According to this chart, the costs for various procedures can run:
· Root Canal – $1,000 per tooth treated
· Gum Surgery – As much as $2,200 for each quadrant of the mouth
· Dental Implants – This increasingly popular option runs $2,000 to $4,000 per tooth
· Braces – You’ll find these now run around $5,000 for the full treatment cycle
· Veneers – Often made of porcelain and matched perfectly to your other teeth, these can run from $10,000 to $30,000 per set

Getting and maintaining a beautiful and enchanting smile is now possible for nearly everyone with the right investment of care, time and money.


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