Emergency Dentistry, do you know your next steps?

Emergency Dentistry, do you know your next steps?

The term “Million Dollar Smile” is often thrown around to describe the perfect smile. The beauty of a smile can be contributed to many factors however the largest is by far is clean and beautiful looking teeth. Teeth are a very important part of our facial features. They not only help us chew food but also play an important role in our appearance and whether we like to admit it or not, play a big part in how we are seen by others.

Everyone smiles, some more than others, but the fact that we all do is no secret. The better your teeth look, the more confidence you have in showing it off. Individuals with great smiles even reach the point of not noticing when they smile as it’s the self conscious bunch who really make an active effort to not let their teeth show.

Health emergencies are very common. There is a common misconception among the general public that our teeth are the only part of body which could not be met with an emergency. That thought process is as far from the truth as can be. There are a multitude of issues we could face requiring the services of a clinic providing emergency dentistry services Las Vegas. Our dental health can be exposed to an emergency at any time thus it’s important for you to know your options/ understand your immediate next steps. On the other hand, dentists must be prepared for such emergencies as they can, again, occur at any time.

It’s for that reason exactly that My Dream Dental clinic is available 24/7 as a clinic providing emergency dentistry services in Las Vegas.

Some common emergency dentistry examples & their precautionary measures are as follows:

In the case of a tooth chip, break or has knocked-off, pick it up immediately. Please note, in the case of a total knock-off, do not touch the tooth from the root. Always pick it from the crown side. Wash it with water and check if you can set it back to its place. If it is not possible then keep it in milk or between your gums & teeth and rush towards your nearest dental clinic. Though this may seem odd, the purpose is to get you body to being its natural healing process to the tooth before it starts shutting the cut off. 

In case you incurred a jaw injury, you must visit the dental clinic immediately as it could possibly be a fracture.

If you require emergency dentistry while traveling in Las Vegas, search for the nearest available dental clinic. It’s important to note, not all clinics offer emergency dentistry in Las Vegas. If you cannot find one through your resources, you can also visit the nearest emergency room and ask for a reference of nearest dentist. My Dream Dental is conveniently located near the Mccarran airport to meet your needs for emergency dentistry in Las Vegas.


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