Four Common Dental Emergencies in Las Vegas

Four Common Dental Emergencies in Las Vegas

Do you maintain good oral hygiene and visit a dentist in Las Vegas for regular check-ups and cleanings? If so, you are a proactive individual keen on the upkeep of their oral health. However, some dental accidents are unforeseen and cannot be prevent. Thus, when the situation arises, you’ll need to contact an emergency dentist in Las Vegas and get immediate assistance. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the most common dental emergencies our patients have experienced in Las Vegas.

1) Severe Tooth Pain

Notice any sudden discomfort in your teeth? Experiencing severe tooth pain? Don’t wait and go to an emergency dentist immediately. The reason behind the pain may or may not be the cause of a serious dental issue, however, it’s on the off-chance that the issue is something serious, you are much better of safe than sorry. Each passing moment counts. The longer your delay your visit to your dentist in Las Vegas, the worse the issues becomes.

2) Chipped, Broken or Knocked-Off Teeth

If one or more your teeth have been extensively damaged, you will need emergency dental services in Las Vegas immediately. Injured teeth can cause severe pain if they are not treated in time. Broken, chipped and cracked teeth can cut your cheeks, lips as well as tissues of the mouth.

In most cases, it is possible to save a broken tooth. That means that the sooner you contact an emergency dentist in Las Vegas – the better! If the damage to the tooth is insignificant a white filling can be used to fix a broken tooth. However, if the tooth has been seriously damaged then a patient will need either a root canal treatment or a dental crown placement.  

It is worth noting that the modern dental techniques such as all on four dental implants have a lot of important benefits. They allow dental care professionals to replace the damaged teeth quickly and effectively. So, a patient can get new teeth in one day.   

3) Displaced Teeth

Have one or more of your teeth been displaced? This is another common issue for which you’d need to visit a dental clinic in Las Vegas immediately. If the dental problem is not resolved within a short period of time, displaced teeth cause a lot of discomfort.

4) Infection in Teeth or Gums

If your teeth or gums have been infected, you’ll need to see a dentist in Las Vegas immediately as well. Severe tooth pain, redness in the gums as well as swelling in the mouth are some of the main symptoms of oral infections. If left untreated, the infection will continue to damage your teeth and gums. An emergency dentist in Las Vegas will analyze your problem carefully and will advise you of your next steps.

Had an accidental affecting your dental health? Need to contact an emergency dentist in Las Vegas? Or, maybe, you’re in need of emergency dentistry during your travel to Las Vegas? For any and all spontaneous and unforeseeable dental issues, My Dream Dental clinic in Las Vegas is ready to help. Contact us immediately for emergency dentistry in Las Vegas. 


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