Harmful Effects of Coffee on Your Teeth

Harmful Effects of Coffee on Your Teeth

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages consumed in the morning. Coffee boosts energy levels, can increase mental alertness and more or less helps people “wake up”. It’s common knowledge that caffeine consumed in large doses/ over time is harmful for our overall health. Moreover, it’s important to know that drinking too much coffee can cause a lot of damage to your teeth. Multiple studies show that caffeine has a lot of negative effects on oral health. That means that you should cut down on drinks that contain high amounts of caffeine to keep your teeth healthy. In a past blog, we outlined the 5 drinks that negatively affect oral health. In this blog, we’ll tell readers how coffee in particular can affect their dental health!

Coffee Can Cause Stains on Your Teeth

Coffee is a dark-colored beverage that can leave stains on your teeth. So, if you drink coffee in large quantities your teeth may become discolored over the time. Restricting the amount of caffeine you consume each day as well as seeing a dentist in Las Vegas for regular check-ups and cleanings is incredibly important for reducing stains on your teeth and preventing tooth discoloration over time.  

Coffee May Damage Tooth Enamel

It is important to note that coffee is a very acidic drink. So, drinking a lot of coffee can lead to damage to the enamel in your teeth. To prevent enamel erosion and other dental problems, coffee lovers are advised to their brush teeth and rinse their mouth with water immediately after drinking coffee and other drinks which are high in acid to remove the acidic residue and in turn, reduce the damage caused.  

Drinking Too Much Coffee Can Result in Bad Breath

There is the direct link between drinking large amounts of coffee and tooth enamel damage. The fact is that drinking a lot of coffee every day decreases the saliva in your mouth dramatically. The lack of saliva results in fast growth of bacteria. So, dry mouth problem can lead to bad breath. For this reason, dentists recommend coffee lovers chew sugar-free gum after drinking coffee. By doing so, you will manage to keep your breath fresh longer vs the infamous “coffee breath”.   

Coffee Increases Stress Levels and Negatively Affects Dental Health

We have recently talked on our blog page about how stress affects oral health. Through the article, you can see stress has a lot of negative effects on oral health and can cause various dental problems. Drinking large amounts of coffee on a regular basis may lead to increased stress and its negative consequences. One way to reduce some anxiety and stress is to cut down on coffee consumption altogether.       

Coffee is known to be one of drinks that negatively affect oral health. If you check-out our blog page, we’ve got much more tips on how to maintain good oral health. We update with new content weekly!

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