Have you been brushing your teeth the wrong way?

Have you been brushing your teeth the wrong way?

“Brush your teeth every day!” We’ve all heard that before, be it on a TV commercial, online ad, family members and/or your dentists. At the same time, the market for the available toothpastes is growing everyday. Choosing the right one, can be difficult…or is it? What does toothpaste really do for our teeth? Moreover, what is the impact that brushing has on our teeth? Keep reading to find out!
The impact of brushing is obvious. The friction caused by brushing very tangibly alleviates a lot of the daily build-ups/ bacteria in our teeth and gums. Furthermore, the bristles of the toothbrushes get in between the spaces of our teeth to clean out the gunk which you can’t quite see. However, what you may not know, is that for the most part, it really doesn’t matter what type of toothpaste you are using on-top of the brushing. Unless you have really sensitive teeth, or an issue with a specific ingredient a certain brand uses, it really doesn’t make a difference which toothpaste you use.

Can toothpaste really be bad for your teeth?

The largest active ingredient within toothpastes is fluoride, which helps upkeep the health of your teeth and helps prevent Gingivitis (Gum Disease).
That being said, you’d be surprised how much damage you can do to your teeth on your own, simply by not brushing right. It isn’t the toothpaste that damages your teeth, but rather, the way you brush that does it instead.
If you’re not careful, especially for the individuals with sensitive gums, you might cause serious and permanent harm.

How can brushing be bad for you teeth?

This might come as a shocker, but yes, brushing can be bad for your teeth if you are doing it all wrong. If you’re not careful/ attentive to your brushing, you might cause damage to your teeth (see list of “Don’ts” below), and most end up giving the blame to the toothpaste they used.

Effect of toothpaste on Dental Implants:

When it comes to individuals with dental implants, the common misconception is that using normal toothpaste can damage the implants and that they need to have a special kind of toothpaste. The facts are, it really doesn’t matter what type of toothpaste you are using for your dental implants, as long as you keep the dental implant clean. Toothpaste self, won’t harm the implants. For the most part, it will be the manner in which you brush that could be harmful.
In certain cases, your dentist may recommend using a cordless electric brush, or just brushing lighter if you’re keen on manual brushes so as to not put excessive pressure on the dental implants or your gums. As well, it might be recommended that you avoid toothpastes that implore a lot of additions onto of their standard offering (e.g. pastes advertising “extra whitening”, “extra clean” “extra stain removing power” etc). The reason for this is that although Fluoride, the largest active ingredient in toothpastes, is not harmful for dental implants, the additional ingredients in the excessive toothpastes might cause wear down the dental implants overtime.

What are most people doing wrong when they are brushing their teeth?

·         You’re using too much toothpaste. Those age old ads you’ve seen showing a brush full of paste? Turns out that’s just for marketing purposes, for the visual flair to show off their product and encourage you to use more, so you run out and go buy more!
·         You might even be brushing your teeth every day, with the right amount of toothpaste, yet still struggle with tooth decay. There might be a simple answer for this; you don’t take your time in brushing your teeth. You should take at least two minutes to make sure that you are really brushing every tooth thoroughly. (consult your dentist anyway!)
At My Dream Dental, we do our very best to ensure our patients and non-patients are educated and continuously kept learning with the very best tips on dental hygiene. Even if you’ve, unfortunately, experienced and decay/ damage to your teeth and gums, we’re here to help! My desert dental, a dental clinic in Las Vegas, does more than just dental implants in Las Vegas. We’re always ready to help, regardless of what your dental needs are!
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