How Desert Dental Achieves Success?

How Desert Dental Achieves Success?

The answer is simple:  Education

A lot of Dentists ask me how I hire such quality employees?  One of our core values that we have is learning.  Specifically, we know that if we don’t attempt to try new techniques or equipment, we will always fall through the cracks.  You can feel this once you enter our office in Henderson.  For instance, our digital lab is showcased in the center of the office.  In it, you will find Gustavo running the entire show.  From 3D Printing to 5 Axis milling and CAD/CAM designing, we do it all.  Luckily, this was all possible by hiring the people that are not scared of learning or taking a risk.

I have always thought that besides having great technology, you must have the right people running them.  Once again, Gustavo our lab manager makes this possible.  But don’t think that this has been easy.  To espouse this “learning,” Dream Dental spends a lot of money on its employees.  Every year in February, Gustavo and I travel to Chicago for the famous Lab Day.   In 2016 we invested in Isaac our surgical assistant so he can take a phlebotomy course.  Now, Isaac can perform venipuncture flawlessly.   Dr. Paul, another example flew to Brazil to get advanced training in implantology with Dr. Jeff Moxley, our oral surgeon

In years to come, Dream Dental will continue to aim higher through learning.  It’s in our DNA!


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