How Does Oral Health relate to a Healthy Heart?

How Does Oral Health relate to a Healthy Heart?

You may not know it, but oral/ periodontal health is heavily interconnected with the health of our hearts. So when dentists say healthy teeth are very important, they’re not just saying that because they’re aiming to get you a better looking smile; your oral health is important for your overall well-being as well. Healthy teeth not only look great, but also help us avoid many other diseases.

How do they relate?

The major link between dental health and our hearts is through issues in our gums causing inflammation and swelling. Both of those issues harden the arteries, resulting in a disruption in the blood flow in the form of not allowing the blood to flow easily. This disruption in the blood flow can be a potential cause of heart stroke.

According to a recent study, a bacteria of periodontal disease also includes streptococcus sanguis that plays an important role in the occurring of a heart stroke. According to Merritt, the link between gum disease and the streptococcus sanguis bacteria present in the heart/ bloodstream is linear; if an individual is suffering from gum disease, his/her heart would have more amount of this bacteria and vice versa.

Our gums are made up of sensitive layers upon layers. Our mouths as a whole are also a focal point for bacteria. We in-take food, water and air through our mouths and thus exposing it to a lot of external factors leading to the buildup various sort of bacteria. If we damage our gums, they become exposed, giving bacteria a gateway to our bloodstream. The blood can get pumped around and causes a lot of issues in our arteries by making hardening them or making them inflamed etc. Most importantly, that bacteria infested blood would reach the heart eventually and could become the root of various issues.

Be proactive with your oral care and ensure your teeth are in good health

So it’s important to make sure your teeth/ mouths are in good health. It’s not important just to have a great smile, but to also ensure that you are not exposing yourself to many infections/ bodily diseases. Get a regular check-up and always consult with a trusted professional if you feel even the slightest discomfort in your gums. Finding health issues in their early stages is important as that is the point at which they are most treatable. The longer you wait, the stronger the negative impact the issue will have on your body.

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