How to choose a Dentist wisely?

How to choose a Dentist wisely?

In the era of immediate gratification and social connection, patients try to figure out dentists within couple of seconds. But relationships take time to grow. Unfortunately, too many patients are making the wrong decision based solely on price.

Most patient mistakingly choose dentists based on a utilitarian approach, like “how much discount can I get?” But this is not authentic. Dentistry is a balance of art and science, and has a true cost.

How discount can fool you into getting things that cost more expensive in the long run. Let’s take the example of my recent trip to Chicago.

Recently, I booked a really cheap ticket on Spirit Airlines to only find out that carry on and check in bags cost more then my body sitting on the plane. But wait, there were more surprises.

Inside the plane, I was siting on skeleton chairs that don’t recline. Furthermore, the tray was so small that I could barely place more then 2 items. I sat upright for 3 hours from Vegas drinking a $3 bottle. Then I asked myself – was this cheap airfare worth it? With life being so short and unexpected – we should take time to evaluate these situations more closely. Cheap or discounted is not always better.

Getting back to patients …

Not to long ago I did a consultation on a patient whose husband had “one more question that no one asks.” As my interest peaked in what that was, the husband proceeded with the following question: WHAT IS YOUR MALPRACTICE POLICY?”

In my 15 years, I have never been asked that question. I answered very politely that it’s enough. But moreover, I have the following friendly advice. Choose your provider based whether you like” the doctor and not piece of paper that shows a policy. Now with all due respect, I know where the husband was coming from. You see, by trade he is a “general contractor” which get bids and jobs based on numbers. And yes, they evaluate subs on their insurance limits. But patients are not some PVC pipes or drywall. The nature of connecting on a human level to develop relationships is based on trust, which takes time.

So next time when you are evaluating a doctor, see if you like them first. Try to bond a little bit before pulling the trigger of doubt.


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