Is Zygomatic Dental Implants the Option For You?

Is Zygomatic Dental Implants the Option For You?

Given the recent growth of social media and large increase of pictures taken and shared online, we might be starting to overlook a very simple fact. Our teeth are not only to give us a beautiful smile; their primary function is to us chew/break down food for digestion and maintain our facial structure. There are many types of dentalrelated diseases, issues and infections which can affect your teeth in a severely negative manner. Therefore, the upkeep and maintenance is absolutely vital. Luckily, we have dedicated an entire field to studying these issuesas wellas findingappropriate resolutionsfor them; the fieldof dentistry.
The state of dentistry today is a vast and well developed one. One that is inclusive of many procedures and treatments for the plethora of issues that exist today. Professional and experienced dentists in the past examined your problem and then they decide the treatment that would best work for you. Today, in some cases there is more than one solution which could be utilized to treat your issue. In this blog, we’ll discuss “Zygomatic Dental Implants”.
“Zygomatic Dental implant” is essentially a fixture or grafting of the teeth achieved by insertion of some specific material in your jaw bone. “Zygomatic Dental Implant” is a type of dental implant in which the insertion of materials happens close to Zygoma bone. This treatment provides you with a much more secure foundation and last a great deal longer than other treatments.
Dental surgery is no piece of cake; neither, for the dentist or the patient. There are few reasons and complications due to which dental surgery becomes the only way out. People who are not fit (from a health standpoint) for dental implants as they do not have good enough bone density/structure in their upper jaws, can opt for “Zygomatic dentalimplants”.
The treatment process is fairly brief in comparison to other dental implants. Moreover, the recovery time after thisimplant isinserted ismuch lessthan 4 months+ required bysome other treatment methods.
To conclusion. “Zygomatic dental implants” is a better treatment option in comparison to select others for many reasons. One of the largest benefits is the lack of Bone grafting , which is a basic requirement of most dental implants. Implants requiring bone grafting can take over 6 months to fully heal. Thus, no bone grafting required = much shorter recovery period!


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