New State of the Art Milling Machine in our Dental Center

New State of the Art Milling Machine in our Dental Center

At the My desert dental Implant Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, we believe in using state of the art technology and expertise to give our dental implant patients the best possible experience.  Because of this, we are constantly upgrading our equipment. 

Meet our newest tooth milling machine located in our state of the art milling center, inside our offices.  This Ceramill Motion 2 – 5 axis wet and dry milling machine makes beautiful teeth.  The highly efficient machine offers a blow-out function and tool cooling integrated air nozzles as well as a coolant unit in wet operation.

With this milling machine, we are able to digitally fabricate your teeth.  The 5-axis milling technique (wet and dry) can operate wet, dry or a combination of both.  We can mill and grind your teeth to the perfect size – making our dental implant center convenient and state of the art. 

Let’s look at some of the comments about this machine – “Highly precise, quick, cost-effective and multi-indicative with an intuitive workflow from dental technicians for dental technicians.  State of the art and indispensable…”

The Motion 2 5x machine is compact, versatile and everything we need for our state of the art milling center.  This machine has been on the market since 2012.  It is possible to machine glass-ceramics and new polymer resins or infiltrated glass-ceramic and more.  The dry milling is optimal for Zirconia, which is the product used for our dental implants, called ZirTeeth. 

Some of the highlights on this state of the art machine include an intelligent axis reaches undercut areas, industrial, high-tech components to exceed load bearing capacity, an extensive range of indications that will allow us to create inlays / outlays, bridge and crown frameworks, crowns, bridges and custom abutments.  Basically, we can create anything we need to create right in our center.  Our machine has network and server connections so we can back up our digital creations for safe keeping. 

Our Motion 2 5 Axis Milling Machine is extremely robust.  Many milling options today tell you about the applications and diverse materials they can mill but they don’t always talk about dental technology versatility or quality of the system.  Our machine has a structural design that keeps the moving parts to a minimum for increased precision and stability.  This vibration free design is state of the art and ensures durability and a smooth operation while maintaining precision – which is exactly what you want when your teeth are being designed and created.

In addition, there are axis guidance which helps minimize the vibration during the milling and grinding process, ensuring a reliable and efficient machine creating beautiful dental craftsmanship from our digital design.

No matter where you live, My Dream Dental is committed to helping you with your dental implant needs.  We offer dental implant solutions with state of the art technology and a milling center inside our Las Vegas based office.  Learn more about what we can do for you with the latest available option in Dental Implants.


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