Root Canal Dentistry: What it is and it’s importance in dentistry

Root Canal Dentistry: What it is and it’s importance in dentistry

Health is very important for all of us. Only a healthy mind & body together can provide us with the sufficient energy we need to live a great life. “Health”, a broad a term as it is, does not simply refer to fitness, but also to the appropriate functionality of all of our organs as well.

Healthcare professionals are working around the clock to address various dental-related issues, find the remedies of many “unsolved” issues, as well as researching to advance/ refine the dental procedures and implementing the use of advancing technology. Great progress has been made and will continue to be made going forward.

Healthcare also branches out into oral healthcare; the care and maintenance of your teeth. Though it’s easy to overlook the issues related to oral health, it’s important to understand that issues with our oral health can be just as dire as any other bodily issue affecting out health. Generally speaking, when thinking of an dental health issue, people assume the issues are: pain, tooth chips/breaks or at worst, a fallout requiring the replacement of a tooth. Thus, it’s written of as a somewhat minor issue in comparison to issue with organs, requiring a not-so-complex treatment. That could not be any farther from the truth.

Case in point: Root Canal Dentistry

Root canal dentistry is very difficult. It is a critical treatment for those individuals who have an infected/inflamed root, either due to injury or a cavity. Left untreated, it would result in every increasing pain, as well as further oral health risks.

If a tooth has been damaged very badly or has been infected very badly, the treatment for its repair is a procedure know as a root canal (or root canal dentistry). The process (very briefly) is as follows:

l  Issue area is identified

l  Tooth is numbed and an opening is made to the infected area via a small drill bit

l  The infected pulp is removed/ the infected tissue is cleared 

l  Finally, the tooth is filled and sealed

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