Sedation Dentistry: True Story

Dr. Ilya Benjamin


As someone who has suffered from (Trypanophobia) fear of needles, Having dental treatment has always been a frightening experience.  Even the idea of receiving an injection would cause me to feel overwhelmed and beyond anxious.  When Dr Benjamin offered me the choice to be sedated for the treatment, I was very apprehensive although I understood I would be sleeping throughout the procedure.  There would nevertheless be the initial prick.

So what happened?

During my conversation with the Dr. Benjamin,  I felt more at ease with his confidence and experience caring for people with phobias and fear… Now what makes my experience unique is, I actually have worked in the dental field for over 16 years, but phobia has no boundaries and even my knowledge of the procedures, did not cure my fears. In a way, I felt they helped me to empathize with people who have had bad dental experiences in the past.IV_Sedation_Las_Vegas.png

So there I was in the chair, anticipating this great horror that would be my endearment, as right of passage to the world of those who have braved this darkness, in hopes to be freed of the agony of ” dental pain’… Unfortunately, my narrative is short lived and lacks much adventure.  You see, actually I hardly felt the prick from the Phlebotomist, and have practically no memory of the procedure.

From what I remember from being in the chair.  I lowed to sleep with a dull but steady pace. It was like I had been up late and laid down to fall asleep.  I’m told I was a bit hilarious, only I have to take it at word because I have no recollection of anything. None of the drills if used, or the numbing or anything.  I remember waking in my home and feeling genuinely good.

And might I say I had no pain from the procedure. So when I’m asked, am I cured from the phobia, I say “not at all”, but I know where to go to avoid it all together.

Thank you Dr. B and the team at One&Only Dentistry.


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Dr. Ilya Benjamin
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