SonicFill – Our Office’s Commitment To Saving You Time With Technology

SonicFill – Our Office’s Commitment To Saving You Time With Technology

Our dental experts at My Dream Dental in Henderson, are committed to state of the art technology for our dental patients.  Because we want to provide the best possible solutions for our patients, we proudly use SonicFill.  SonicFill is an easy to use, sonic-activated, bulk fill dental posterior composite system for restorations that requires no additional capping layer.  This tool responds to sonic energy as the cavity is being filled.  It enables a rapid flow of composite into your cavity for effortless placement.

The bottom line is this is a fast, easy and effective way to fill a cavity, which saves you time in the dental chair.

Because the SonicFill dental composite material reacts to sonic energy from the hand piece, the viscosity drops by almost 90%, which allows the SonicFill posterior composite to rapidly flow into the cavity.  It fills your cavity with efficient and precise fill – without bubbles or voids.  The bottom line here is a more perfect cavity fill and less of a chance for problems in the future.

As soon as the sonic energy is removed, the composite turns to a pliable state that can be carved and handled without being sticky.  This is a bonus because we don’t want sticky material on our instruments while trying to fill your cavity.  This has been a problem with other composites in the past.

This SonicFill dental composite also helps to eliminate the problems of deeper, more difficult cavities, where a weaker base is needed to fill any voids.  Plus shrinkage is minimal so the bulk fill maintains its contact and shape.  The time saved is something our patients appreciate.  With SonicFill dental composite, we don’t need to layer composites and that makes it much faster.  As the composite firms, it is easy to sculpt into the perfect tooth filling. 

The basic procedure is as follows – place a single increment of material, contour, cure for twenty seconds from the occlusal, ten seconds from the buccal and lingual and polish. It is really that fast and efficient for our dental staff. Time is saved because we don’t need to do things like a “2mm protocol”, multiple curing stages, additional capping layer and esthetic compromises.

We have several SonicFill dental composites in our Las Vegas based dental center.  At My Dream Dental, located in Henderson, we are dentists, oral surgeons and dental implant specialists.  This is a great benefit to our patients because they can have all their dental needs done in one place.  Plus we offer a state of the art dental milling center inside our office, which ensures a positive experience for all our patients. 

No matter where you live, My Dream Dental is committed to helping you with your dental implant needs.  We offer dental implant solutions with state of the art technology and a milling center inside our Las Vegas based office.  Learn more about what we can do for you with the latest available option in Dental Implants.


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