Take the Dental Implant Apple Test

Take the Dental Implant Apple Test

Can dental implants change our lifestyle?  You betcha!

Watch this video as our patient takes the famous apple test.  At first she is scared, but then gains confidence in herself as she see that its possible.  Its been long forty years, but you deserve to enjoy this:

Most people take things for granted.  For example, eating and enjoying apples.  This video captures the true emotion of a patient that has not bitten into an apple in ‘forty years.”  Teeth do have a big impact in our lives.  This video testimonial just proves that having good teeth can lead to a better and rewarding life.  Things like enjoying apples may be a mondayne thing, but some people are to embarassed to admit that they can’t do this.  Trust One&Only Implant Dentistry at Dream Dental to fix your teeth.


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