The Benefits Of Anatomage InVivio software used at My Desert Dental!

The Benefits Of Anatomage InVivio software used at My Desert Dental!

Dentistry is an extensive, diverse, well respected and heavily researched medical science. Even still, there are some individuals with various cognitive biases and misconceptions against dental procedures. An example is the misconception that dental procedures, such as dental implants/ All on four, are not quite as difficult to carry out as procedures required for other parts of our bodies, say, a muscular surgery or fixing a broken bone. This misconception could not be any farther from the truth. The fact of the matter is; dental procedures can be equally as complex as any other procedure for the body. Though, of course, the physical work in the procedures will differ in performance, due to the differing body parts being operated upon, the work is no less challenging. As well, the underlying steps required in both are very similar. E.g:

1)     Consulting with the patient

2)     Carrying our tests/ scans using varying equipment and software

3)     Finding and prepping the appropriate procedure

4)     Setting a date for the respective medical professional to carry out the task

5)     Performing the procedure and

6)     Regular post-op follow-ups

There is another thought that only heart surgery or brain sugary is considered to be a complex one. This thinking is wrong; sometimes solution of any tooth issue could be equally complex. Experts from every field are trying hard to decrease the complexities of their respective fields. In the same way experts of dentistry are trying their best and making such equipments which are decreasing the threats and risks involved in dental procedures.

Anatomage InVivio software at my desert dental clinic in Henderson

Anatomage (InVivo) Software is one of such advancement which has helped propel the safety and precision standards for dentists forward. Anatomage’s InVivio software makes patient scans (such as MRI, pet scan or CT scans) viewable to the user in high quality volume renders, in 2D image slices or 3D renders. These renders can could show the complete internal structure of the patient such as the teeth structure, like root of tooth, airway, sinus, and bones very clearly. Thus, making the location of the problem areas and figuring out the right steps/ procedure to take to address the issues more precise, time saving and most of all safer for the patient. These clear images help our dentists in Henderson diagnose issues with a greater precision/ accuracy, quickly and effortlessly as well. The issue of capturing the right view is rendered moot as well, as the software again, allows or 3D viewing.

The software also allows the plugin of custom annotations anywhere on the scanned patient data (image/ 3d renders) in a few simple clicks. This makes the files more organized and a mile easier to read /understand when shared with patients. Moreover, users can also compare various data of different patients, cases as well as pre and post procedural scan data.

In short, there are many benefits allotted to dentists utilizing the Anatomage InVivio software at their dental clinics in Henderson. At My Dream Dental, a dental clinic in Las Vegas, we cut not corners. We’ve always strive for the best and thus, are always proactive in our efforts of utilizing an array of the latest dental tools/ equipment available in the market to better serve our patients.

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