The Benefits of Trios 3 at our Dental offices

The Benefits of Trios 3 at our Dental offices

TRIOS 3 is a third generation Intraoral Scanner, the inclusion of which adds another feather in our capwhen it comes to use of modern equipment in our clinic.

The new 3rd generation TRIOS is a three in one digital impression solution. The third generation of the TRIOS digital impression system provides full color scanning with an integrated intraoral camera and automatic shade measurement. The redesigned wand has a smaller rounded tip for enhanced patient comfort. The true color digital impressions automatically capture both shade measurements and bite registration. TRIOS scans are available for a wide range of indications including fixed prosthetics, implant bridges, removable partials and more. The system provides dedicated scan work-flows to ensure proper information is captured for the selected case. The scanner also functions as an intraoral camera capable of capturing high definition images, allowing the practice to invest in just one chair-side scanning solution for intraoral imaging.

The 3Shape TRIOS offers dentists next-generation digital impressions. Fast, highly accurate, and (best of all) easy-to-use, TRIOS technology has many unique features/ benefits for both doctors and patients alike, highlighted below.

Benefits of using TRIOS 3 for our patients

Due to its enhanced shape and technology being used to build it, TRIOS 3 offers a lot of benefits to dentists, but it is also very helpful for patients as well. Here are some of the most common benefits of using TRIOS 3 for patients:

 With TRIOS 3, you don’t need to use the spray at all which is a source of uncomfort for many patients

TRIOS 3 is much easier on patients with a low tolerance/ gag reflex.

Digital accuracy and precision leads to a better fit for restorations

There is no prolonged chair time while using TRIOS 3. Simple and quick scan process (as seen in the video below, it took just around 12 seconds! Scan starts at 37 seconds.) 

 At My Dream Dental, we always do our best to provide our patients with the best possible dental services. This is the reason why we have established ourselves as the best dental clinic in Las Vegas. That’s not just a bold claim, we are a winner of the 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards for Henderson Dentist (check out our award on our homepage). Apart from our qualified doctors and nursing staff, we always use the latest and greatest instruments available in the market; ensuring we cut no corners. Your continuous trust and delivering consistent quality is what makes us a preferred dental clinic in Las Vegas. The TRIOS 3 being an example of one such instrument. A newly added tool we believe is a surefire way to upkeep the quality service delivered at our dental clinic in Las Vegas! 



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