The Impact of 3D Printing on the Dental Industry

The Impact of 3D Printing on the Dental Industry

3D printing technology is a relatively new innovation in the dental industry. However, it’s quickly gained an immense following and risen quickly in popularity. Today, more and more dental clinics in the United States use 3D printing technology in their work. 3D printing provides dentists with numerous competitive advantages and allows them to do their work quicker and more effectively.

1) 3D Printed Models are the Magic Dental Tool

As it has been mentioned above, 3D printing technology is widely used in dental industry these days. There is no doubt the benefits of 3D printed models in dentist’s work is immeasurable. It is worth noting that 3D printing has a wide range of orthodontic applications. Thus, 3D printing plays a major role in oral scanning. The innovative technology allows dental care professionals to produce bridges, dental crowns as well as stone models quickly and accurately.

2) 3D Printing Technology is Easy-to-Use

It doesn’t take too much time for a dentist to study 3D printing technology. Using the modern 3D printing technology dental care professionals can easily create stone models as well as position trays, aligners and retainers on a computer. 3D printing is and will continue to bring dramatic changes to the dental industry for some time to come.

3) 3D Printing Technology Helps Dentists Automate their Work 

Using 3D printing technology helps dental care professionals save on time significantly, therefore, increasing the efficiency of the dentist’s work dramatically. Today, an orthodontist in Las Vegas doesn’t need to store physical models. Cases and other important patient’s information can be successfully stored digitally on a computer. So, a fully digital process allows a dentist to get instant access to all of the necessary patient’s data. Another big advantage of 3D printing technology is that it allows dentists to make their work almost painless. As a result, patient’s discomfort is minimized. Obviously, using 3D printing technology helps dental care professionals achieve customer satisfaction.

4) 3D Printers Provide Dental Clinics with High ROI

Nowadays, special 3D printers are designed for dental clinics. Such 3D printers provide effective solutions to various dental needs. Using the most up-to-date 3D printers in dental industry delivers multiple important benefits. Such 3D printers are easy to use. Moreover, they provide better speed and accuracy. It is also important to know that dental 3D printers are offered at reasonable prices. That’s why they provide high return on investment.

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