The Life-Changing Benefits of ZirTeeth

The Life-Changing Benefits of ZirTeeth

Your teeth are important to the preservation of your lifestyle and your self-esteem. When you have a large number of missing teeth, you may not feel like yourself. At Dream Dental, there are several teeth-replacement options available, including ZirTeethTM. These zirconium teeth, which are designed to last a lifetime, offer multiple benefits. Here are a few of them:

Psychological Improvement

Your mental health is often reflected through your confidence and self esteem. Issues with your personal appearance can make you feel depressed. The decline in mental mood can affect many different areas of your life, including the establishment of new relationships and the maintenance current relationships that are important to you.

Studies show that people tend to find others who have white, straight teeth more attractive. Thus, you may feel as though your level of attractiveness has suffered because of your missing teeth. ZirTeethTM, which are stabilized by connections to underlying dental implants, can immediately transform the look of your mouth. Instead of large gaps and spaces when you smile, as you look in the mirror, you will see a full healthy-looking palate of teeth. With your appearance restored, your self-esteem and confidence level are likely to improve.

Physiological Improvements

Although the appearance of your teeth is important, the main function of the teeth is mastication. Your teeth are used to tear and grind a wide variety of foods for better digestion. Unfortunately, when teeth are lost, your dietary choices may be limited.

Raw, healthy foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, may be too difficult for your gums to chew, due to the rough, fibrous texture. If your foods are limited to processed selections that don’t require much chewing, these options are rarely good for your health. As a result, your overall physical well-being may suffer. This may be especially evident if you already have a serious health condition, such as diabetes, that requires specific dietary guidelines and restrictions to facilitate good health.

ZirTeethTM vs. G4: Greater Stability and Better Fit

ZirTeethTM are different from other prosthetic devices, such as Clear Choice and Golpa. Golpa’s G4 restoration is actually a simple dental bridge that is connected into the mouth using dental implants. ZirTeethTM, on the other hand, are customized to the mouth using digital planning.

Additionally, the primary focus when using a G4 application is to hurry the installation of the teeth-replacement device. With ZirTeethTM, the fit and stability of the application is preferred over an abbreviated treatment time.

As the soft tissues of the gums heal after a G4 installation, your gums may recede a bit after surgery. A final G4 impression that is taken too soon following the installation procedure can result in pockets between the bridge and the gums. These spaces can trap food to incite inflammation and discomfort.

Although ZirTeethTM are quickly installed at Dream Dental, the dentists give your implant wounds time to heal before placing the final prosthesis. During the healing period you are provided with a temporary appliance. Instead of a quick, overzealous installment, the professionals at Dream Dental are more concerned about the longevity of your dental restoration. Thus, they wait to ensure that the implant has become stable through a healing process called osseointegration before completing the final impression and installation of the permanent ZirTeethTM. In the meanwhile, with the temporary device, you can enjoy unencumbered speech and the appearance of a full set of teeth.

To safely restore the look of your teeth, your confidence and your ability to choose, contact the desert dental office to learn more about ZirTeethTM.


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