The Process of Getting New Teeth in one Day in Las Vegas

The Process of Getting New Teeth in one Day in Las Vegas

Do you have missing teeth? Do you experience discomfort while eating? Your dental problem(s) can be resolved quickly and effectively. Luckily for all of us, dentistry has come long way and there are various options of getting a tooth replacement available today. So, you won’t be hard pressed to find a dentist in Las Vegas who has a solution for any of your dental needs. Nowadays, you can even get new teeth in on day! Only one visit to a dentist may be required to your new teeth. That means you could walk in and walk out in a single day with new, fully fixed teeth and a new, beautiful smile. Does this sound interesting to you? Read on for even more insight the Teeth in a Day process!  

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Teeth in a Day?

The easiest way to determine whether you are the right candidate for Teeth in a Day is to visit our dental clinic in Las Vegas and get an initial consultation of from our esteemed dentists such as Dr. Benjamin. The dental care professional will analyze your problem carefully and will recommend the most effective solution. People with such conditions as Non-Salvageable teeth, periodically failing teeth as well as denture and partial wearers are usually considered as suitable candidates for the Teeth in a Day procedure.

What Does Teeth in a Day Procedure Involve?

Has the dentist determined that you are the right candidate for Teeth in a Day procedure? If so, you will need to undergo a CT scan. At this stage, a dental care professional will analyze the quality of your teeth bone carefully. Afterwards, the dentist will remove all problematic teeth in your mouth and place dental implants. Finally, the dental care professional will fit your new teeth in place securely. It is important to know that our dentists at My Dream Dental in Las Vegas use the innovative Laser-Lok technique for dental implant surface treatment. Using this dental technique helps us create the optimal implant surface and gives you your new teeth in a day.  

We won’t keep you away from the foods you love either! Once you have new teeth in a day installed, you will be able to start eating almost immediately!     

It is worth noting that our dental clinic in Las Vegas specializes both in all on four dental implants and dental implants in Las Vegas. That means that you will manage to have your teeth replaced successfully even if they don’t have enough bone for supporting dental implants.

Is Teeth in a Day Painful Procedure?

The modern dental techniques (anesthetics and freezing agents) allow us to make Teeth in a Day a possible procedure. If you choose My Dream Dental for either all on four dental implants or dental implants in Las Vega our dentists will work hard to leave you satisfied. So, you can put that fear of the dentist aside, our friednly staff works to provide as seemless an exerience for you during the Teeth in a Day procedure!

Are you looking for a Las Vegas dental clinic offering Teeth in a Day? My Dream Dental can help! Do you think that you are a suitable candidate for Teeth in a Day? If so, consult our dentist in Las Vegas.


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