What Benefits Do Same Day Crowns Offer?

What Benefits Do Same Day Crowns Offer?

Same-day crowns – also known as CEREC® restorations – are an alternative to traditional crowns, which require multiple visits. This advanced tooth restoration procedure can be completed in just one dental visit, saving you time and hassle.

Same-day crowns require less time in the dentist’s office than traditional crowns, which involve two appointments. During the first appointment, the dentist will prepare your tooth for the crown. This includes removing any decay and shaping the tooth for a perfect fit. Then, the dentist will take an impression of your tooth, which will be sent to the latest CAD/CAM technology for the crown to be created in a few hours. After that, the dentist will place it on your tooth.

They offer numerous benefits, such as:

Repair Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth can be painful and unattractive. Same-day crowns can repair cracked teeth by covering the entire tooth.

Each tooth has a hard outer layer called enamel. This layer protects the tooth from wear and tear. Enamel is the strongest substance in the body, but it’s still susceptible to damage. If you fall and crack your tooth, this layer will slightly fracture. When the tooth is cracked, the enamel is exposed. This exposure can lead to sensitivity and pain.

Same-day crowns can repair cracked teeth by covering the entire tooth. It acts as a barrier and prevents sensitivity, pain, and further damage.

Perfect For Dental Emergencies

Same-day crowns are perfect for addressing dental emergencies like broken teeth. They are bonded to teeth while they are still numb, preventing pain.

Saves Your Time

Same-day crowns save you time because they do not require a second appointment. Unlike traditional crowns, which take two visits, CEREC® creates your crown in just one visit.

With CEREC®, your dental crown is created using digital impressions taken in our office. After preparing your tooth, we place the restoration over it. Then, we use a special light to harden the restoration. 

Protect Tooth Nerves

Tooth nerves are especially vulnerable when we require fillings. If the filling extends slightly beyond the tooth, it can press on the nerve and cause a jolt of pain. When this happens, your dentist can remedy the problem with a same-day crown.

The same-day crown is made to fit over your natural tooth. With the crown in place, the dentist can shape your filling so that it’s completely flush with your tooth. This protects your tooth nerve from irritation and pain.

Restore Damaged Teeth

Same-day crowns are a revolutionary way of restoring damaged teeth. These crowns offer strength and durability and enhance appearance, making you look and feel completely natural.

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