White Teeth Are No Longer A Dream, Thanks To Zoom Bleaching!

White Teeth Are No Longer A Dream, Thanks To Zoom Bleaching!

A whiter smile leads to a happier you. To answer how with one word; confidence. Everyone wants brighter and whiter teeth. The cleaner and whiter they are the healthier and more beautiful they are believed to be in society. So naturally, an individual with a not-quite-white smile would hesitate to show off their teeth out in the open versus one with a great white smile flaunting it off every chance they get! In this blog, we’ll talk about the factors which negatively impact our teeth as well as the most popular solution used by dentists to whiten teeth.

There are many factors resulting in the yellowing of teeth or plaque buildup. For example, poor oral care by an individual not brushing or flossing his/her teeth regularly, smoking, intake of staining food/drinks (wine or coffee, etc.), or the default bone color of an individual’s teeth might just be yellow. Hence, with the demand for oral healthcare having risen immensely since the beginning of the 20th century, there have been some extensive breakthroughs made in the field of dentistry. Experts have worked to address the issues as mentioned above. Today, having white teeth is easier than ever before!

Whiter Teeth

There are many methods utilized by dentists in Henderson for teeth whitening. The most popular method is called “Zoom bleaching”. In this process, dentists use the Advanced Power Chairside Lamp, a machine that reduces the time required during the bleaching process. Moreover, during this process, oxygen passes through the enamel/dentin and clears the stained area without damaging the teeth structure.

Before you opt for Zoom Bleaching, it’s best to set up a consultation with a dentist from Dream Dental to discuss your specific needs. During this session, the dentist will examine your teeth as well as your gums in detail. Moreover, the dentist will need to get an idea of your lifestyle to understand what’s causing the yellowing in your teeth. Both of these are mutually beneficial, for you and your dentist. The session would help determine which service or procedure would be best suited for you. As well, it can help both parties discuss and settle on whether zoom bleaching is the right option for you.

An important note to stress here is that you should not take any risks in anything related to healthcare and by extension; oral care. Dream Dental in Henderson, Nevada is a facility backed by certified oral healthcare professionals. Contact us today to book an appointment and discuss your specific dental needs. See the professional care taken by the experts at MDD and find out what we can do for you!


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