Why our office uses Digital Shade Guide by VITA

Why our office uses Digital Shade Guide by VITA

A smile is an important ingredient of a anyone’s personality. Naturally, your teeth are most prominent when you smile. Even though you may very well be taking care your body, if you neglect your teeth, or have any sort of an unpleasant shape/ issue with them, your inspiration to let that smile free will be lower. It affects your overall appearance and hence you overall confidence suffers. As well, considering our faces are our most prominent features, always on display to the world, naturally it’s one of the first things others notice about us.If you’ve got a great smile, it goes a long way in boosting that first impression, sometimes even leaving people speechless!

Given those facts, the demand for dental work as well as advancements in the dental procedures is continuously rising. Therefore, such techniques, procedures and treatments have been introduced in the field of dentistry, which can clean & shape your teeth to make them look better than you ever thought possible.To aid the respective dentists in these procedures, there are various amenities available at their disposal in the form of different types of tools/ equipment and machines. Given the nature of technology and their rapid advancements today, many new machines have been introduced as well.

Digital Shade Guide by VITA is one such machine used heavily in modern dentistry. The basic purpose of this machine is to measure the shades of a patient’s teeth. Regarding the significance this machine holds, it heavily cuts down on time and adds cost effectiveness; two of it’s most beneficial traits.

This is essentially the fourth generation of the Easyshade technology having advanced 4.0 VITA Easyshade.The determination of the optimal shade has never been as easy as it is today, both for dentists and patients alike. It contains highly durable LED components and is twice as effective as the human eye in detecting shades; thus reducing the room for error and increasing precision. This advanced version would help dentists measure nearly 30 shades for a singular tooth. Moreover, it can fetch the average shade in the blink of an eye! Another prominent feature of the VITA Easyshade 4.0 is the easy “Automatic measurement” feature. Press the buttonand start following the appropriate portion being to be measured and the machine will automatically let you know when its best placed to give an accurate shade measurement.

The effects of bleaching would also be displayed according to standards set out by the American Dental Association (ADA). Thus, it is not a “home-brew” standard dentist need to adhere to, moreover one backed by an officially accredited association. As well, it has been provided with artificial intelligence to such a level that it can determine the right position for measurement by itself. Last but not the least, it also has Bluetooth technology built-in. Hence, the measured data can be transferred between other gadgets and/ or to computers easily.


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