Why our office uses OSSTELL technology in providing successfuld implant dentistry

Why our office uses OSSTELL technology in providing successfuld implant dentistry

Can you say with confidence that there’s someone in the world who has never experienced any pain or discomfort in their teeth?

Considering the average human adult has 32 teeth, it is safe to say at one point or another, at least one of them must have troubled the individual they are attached to. Add to that the fact that our gums and bones weaken as we approach old age, everyone is bound to experience an issue sometime.

New diseases, bacteria & germs are being discovered every single day. At the same time, work is being done to find new treatments to combat the emerging issues. Experts of every field are working day & night to bring about new advancements in their respective fields. Naturally, of course, the field of dentistry is no exception.

Gone are the days when people had no knowledge of diseases and/or their treatments, due to the lack of resources available to them. Now-a-days the internet has opened up the golden vault of info on every aspect of life including diseases and their treatments in detail; freely available to everyone. With that, individuals as patients are much more educated about their issues as they are now able to follow and track of their symptoms well before, during and after their visit to the orthodontist. 

Osstell ISQ

Advancements and introduction of new techniques in dental treatments now-a-days require the use of new/advanced equipment. Osstell ISQ is an incredibly useful tool at the dentists’ disposal used to gauge the stability of an implant.

The story of Osstell ISQ came to be dates back nearly 20 years ago as a collaborative effort between two dentists.Their goal was to find a better solution to identify success of osseointegration process more accurately (to gauge quality/stability of an implant). Hence, the Resonance Frequency Analysis process wasderived. 

What is ISQ?

It stands for Implant Stability Quotient and is a worldwide standard measurement scale of Resonance Frequency Analysis. The higher the rating on the scale of 1-100, the more stable the implant. A simple and easy tool for dentists that provides an accurate picture of the implants’ stability. 

What is Osstell ISQ used for?

It’s in everyone’s best interest that the implants needed by the patient are installed well. Given the rise in demand for stronger, better looking teeth, the demand for dental implants has risen as well in the past few years. In short, Osstell ISQ is a tool used to provide dentists a better way to gauge the quality/stability of an implant by providing them with a reading measured on and ISQ (implant stability quotient) scale. 

The following are a few benefits of Osstell ISQ:

It helps to manage the risks involved in implants. It warns you in case ISQ value has decreased.

Treatment time as well as the healing time is cut down.

Objective of Osstell ISQ’s development was to bring about a higher rate of accuracy. Therefore, the implant procedure can be performed with a higher rate of accuracy.

Contrary to assumptions regarding the use of advanced equipment being difficult, Osstell ISQ treatment process is simple, as well the equipment is easy to use.

Essentially a quality control tool, thus lessening the room for error.


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