Digital Dentures in Las Vegas, NV

Dental technology has witnessed incredible advancements over the years. All these advancements not only make it easy for us to carry out a specific procedure but also have various benefits for our patients. Many comfortable and hassle-free digital techniques have been introduced for the treatment of dental problems like missing teeth, chipped or broken teeth, gum disease, etc. Thanks to the introduction of digital technology, you can opt for digital dentures over the traditional ones to replace your missing teeth. At Dream Dental Clinic, the Dentist in Las Vegas, NV, utilizes the latest dental technology to deliver high-quality dentistry. 

What are Digital Dentures?

Digital dentures use digital technology to fabricate dentures from beginning to finish. The impressions are created using optical imaging or digital scanning of the mouth. The process makes it comfortable for the patient to undergo the treatment. Based on the scans, the dentures are created and milled.

How are Digital Dentures Created?

During the appointment, we will assess the digital file of your face and jawbone to design the base of the dentures and teeth. We will also discuss your aesthetic and functional needs before starting the procedure. Once everything is talked about, we will craft the dentures and mill them out of the solid block of pink dental resin. This technique saves time and prevents errors.

As the dental resin is cured and milled properly, it doesn’t change or shrink. It ensures that the fit of the dentures is snug and comfortable.

What are the Benefits of Digital Dentures?

  • The use of computing technology for the creation of digital dentures offers a precise fit, which enhances your aesthetic appearance by manifold. These dentures also allow accurate spacing, bite, and smile lines.
  • Digital dentures are made using high-quality material cured under high pressure. It offers excellent durability.
  • The turn-around time of digital dentures is faster than traditional dentures. It takes only 1-2 weeks for the process to complete.
  • Conventional dentures require frequent appointments for impressions, fittings, and further adjustments. However, this is not the case with digital dentures. You may only have to visit our clinic two times. The first visit includes scanning your mouth and creating your 3D model; the second one involves the application of dentures.
  • Opting for digital dentures over other methods of tooth replacement is a cost-effective approach. Not only do you save money in terms of treatment, but also with traveling.
  • Digital dentures do not require any special care. You need to maintain them just like the traditional dentures.


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