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Losing your teeth is an alarming situation. Additionally, living without teeth for an extended duration can adversely affect several aspects of your life. At Dream Dental Clinic Las Vegas, the Dentist in Las Vegas, NV, strongly recommends our patients consider tooth replacement options at the earliest. We offer instant dental implants topped up with NoMo dentures. They are an innovative solution for missing teeth that can help you regain the functions and aesthetics of your smile in record time. 

NoMo dentures

What Are NoMo Dentures?

NoMo dentures are unique tooth replacement options supported by dental implants. The process of NoMo dentures involves using four dental implants which are strategically placed in the jawbone to support the prosthetic dentures. The whole denture process can be completed in a single appointment using advanced dental technology. The traditional approach of removing teeth, placing dental implants, and fabricating the dentures, may extend over several months. But with NoMo dentures, we will fix the implant restorations and immediately place the removable appliance. The material used for the permanent artificial teeth is made of solid and natural-looking zirconia. In most cases, you will need to have your denture replaced or adjusted once your gums have fully healed before we permanently attach the denture in position.

Benefits of NoMo Dentures

  • They are permanently fixed in position using dental implants
  • They are more stable and will never move
  • The need for messy adhesives is eliminated
  • The natural chewing power is restored
  • The zirconia teeth are natural-looking
  • Jawbone loss is prevented
  • Facial appearance is restored

What Is the Process of NoMo Dentures? 

Patients who have been wearing traditional dentures for years are ideal candidates for this procedure as it offers them a more permanent solution. This treatment can replace an entire row of missing teeth. The NoMo dentures will be attractive for patients who do not have the time to visit dental offices. Though the procedure can be completed in a single day, it still needs prior planning. If necessary, the worn-out, decayed, or damaged teeth can be removed on the same day as the placement of the dental implants and the artificial zirconia teeth.

On the day of the dental implant procedure, our dentist, Dr. Ilya Benjamin, will numb your gums utilizing local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Then minor incisions are made in the gums to create space for inserting the implant titanium posts into the jawbone. At our dental practice, we use advanced 3D technology to help guide the accurate placement of the implants. The area of incisions is sutured after the implants are placed, and the dental restoration such as the dentures is secured over them.

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