Emergency Dentistry in Las Vegas, NV

A dental emergency can disturb your life and make it impossible to concentrate on your everyday routine. Severe toothaches make it impossible to focus on work or enjoy time with family and friends. Whether you have broken your tooth or experienced facial trauma, it is vital to get checked by the Dentist in Las Vegas, NV, before the problem can worsen. 

This is why at Dream Dental Clinic Las Vegas; we strongly recommend seeking treatment as soon as you notice signs of a dental emergency.

What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is generally characterized by painful symptoms caused by a sudden injury or trauma. The signs of a dental emergency can include a severe toothache or a fractured tooth. A persistent tooth infection or abscess causes a crisis. Since these kinds of issues rarely resolve on their own, you should avail help from your dentist at the first sign of distress to get prompt relief.

What to Do In Dental Emergencies?

Broken or Chipped Tooth

While the enamel that shields your teeth is robust, it can break during extreme conditions. Tooth decay can significantly increase the likelihood of getting a broken or cracked tooth. Even if you do not have any toothache from a fractured tooth, it is still critical to see your dentist. An unprotected tooth can sometimes be exposed to harmful bacteria leading to further complications.

Loose Tooth

If an accident results in losing a permanent tooth, it may require immediate professional help. You can try to push the tooth back in its original position using gentle and consistent pressure. However, do not use excessive force to fix the tooth. Once you come to our Las Vegas practice, we will find ways to stabilize the tooth and help preserve it. 

Soft Tissue Injury or Facial Pain

Any injury inside the mouth, such as tears or lacerations in the mouth, cheeks, or tongue, can be called a dental emergency, depending on the extent of the cut. If you incur a tissue injury, clean the area meticulously. Most bleeding can be addressed by placing pressure on the wound using gauze. You can also ease facial pain by taking pain relievers.

Broken Restorations

A restoration breaking or falling off is not necessarily a dental emergency. Our dentists recommend putting the restoration back into position until we can attend to you. You can use a tiny amount of denture adhesive to help fix it into place. If the restoration has fallen off due to facial trauma and is accompanied by pain, bleeding, and other symptoms, these are indications of a dental emergency that needs prompt care.

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