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Zir refers to zirconia, the most aesthetic, biocompatible, and practically unbreakable teeth. Due to its natural feel and strength, there is no chipping, cracking, or breaking dentures in the mouth. At Dream Dental Clinic Las Vegas, the Dentist in Las Vegas, NV, uses zirconia to fabricate the prosthetic teeth of the dentures. ZirTeeth is typically held by four to six dental implants, each on the upper and lower arch of the mouth.

What Are Implant-Supported Dentures?

A dental implant is a screw made out of titanium that is inserted into your jawbone. Over time the implant fuses with the surrounding bone and becomes a part of it. After the implant heals, we place an attachment on top of which the crowns are set to complete your smile. 

The implant-supported denture process utilizes four to six dental implants to create a permanent prosthesis. The implants are strategically placed in calculated angles to provide support for your dentures. The implants provide a solid and secure base for the placement of the ZirTeeth. They restore oral functions and deliver the durability of natural teeth. 

Who Qualifies for ZirTeeth?

Almost everyone is eligible for ZirTeeth unless you have severe bone loss and even bone grafting is not enough to support the traditional dental implants. Then, we need to consider other options like Zygoma implants or Pterygoid implants.

ZirTeeth vs. Dentures


  • Dentures are a compromised solution.
  • Removable dentures are often loose, ill-fitting, and not cosmetically appealing.
  • Dentures cover your palate, and you feel a significant heavy bulk at the top of your mouth.
  • With dentures, you can’t eat most foods very well.
  • Dentures over time cause bone loss. That is why you need to change new ones every few years.


  • Dentures supported by ZirTeeth feel completely smooth and natural. They look much better than your natural teeth.
  • ZirTeeth is firmly fixed like natural teeth, extremely functional, and are beautifully esthetic.
  • ZirTeeth does not cover your palate as a denture does so that you can taste food better.
  • With ZirTeeth dentures, you can eat your favorite foods comfortably.
  • ZirTeeth preserves jawbone density when compared to dentures and has better longevity.

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